fryhide is an underground electronic music label based in Hamburg, Germany.
Founded by Dj/Producer HOSH – fryhide name came up with the purpose of creating a label where artist has freedom to be themselves without restrictions.

H  I  S  T  O  R  Y
HOSH has always written his own chapters, through thriving sets that build up energy and burst in emotive electronic fireworks. From residencies throughout Europe to co-founding Diynamic with Solomun and Stimming, success and experience now give him the time and space to freely manage his most meaningful projects. The latest page is titled fryhide, meaning freiheit – freedom. HOSH’s new label relentlessly pursues quality, travelling to the very essence of a sound, capturing transient emotions and sculpting them for dance floors.

M  U  S  I  C
fryhide encapsulates forward thinking artists and their soulful stories: HOSH’s own, his friends’, and the ones from talents he seeks out. The label brings us closer to the burning identity of his unique tone as a DJ and curator, with projects like INSTANT fryhide promising “one moment, one strong track, no remixes, no compromises and no nonsense.”

Limitless territories are now unfolding for this German mind with global perspectives and creative roots set in Spain. A mesmerizing ride is yet to come for all those who will follow, with no final chapter in sight. 

A  R  T  I  S  T  S

S  E  R  I  E  S
HOSH launched fryhide series with fryhide Montreal in May 2018 and it was broadcasted on BE AT TV, its the start of many to come.

Montreal w/ Be-At.TV link :