HOSH presents fryhide | Montreal

Montreal, Canada

As a founding part of the “incredibly talented” DIYNAMIC MUSIC crew, HOSH (formerly H.O.S.H.) became one of the key characters for pushing a new sound on dancefloors worldwide. With his buddy and ex flatmate Solomun (Official) he played countless parties for over a decade like the famous Boiler Room.

Well now HOSH is going a step further with fryhide (or in German ‘Freiheit’), his brand new label that already gets rave reviews and support from all corners.

“I love to be in contact with other artists and help them to develop their talents. The label’s name is a fictive word but stands for ‘freedom’. I also like that it contains the word ‘hide,’ which suggests there is something hidden and more to it, and that’s what I like in music as well: a hidden, below the surface world of emotions and feelings and messages that listeners find on their own.” – HOSH

With fryhide now a year old, we are lucky enough to host its first ever label showcase here in Montreal.

Tone Depth (fryhide, Afterlife)
Groj LIVE (fryhide, microCastle)

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