HOSH – Stories From Sa Talaia – Album (Free Download)

Record Tracklist

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Stories From Sa Talaia is an album, a compilation, a love affair and like the title says many stories. Some of those with friends and collaborators, some about my family and all somehow connected to Ibiza.
It´s a showcase of what i learned in the studio and in the booth in the last 20 years and the combination of those skills.
It´s my approach of how to present such work in our fast forward moving times. This is why this work as i intended it to be in mixed form will be available as a free download for all of you. For DJs the tracks will be available as 4 Album Chapters with single tracks in the next months. I hope you enjoy and if you wanna do me a favor leave a comment and share if you like. Love, HOSH

HOSH feat. Mia Lee – Meeting Mia Lee
HOSH feat. GHEIST – The Watergate Affair
HOSH – Ocean Data
HOSH – Fighting The Daemons
HOSH – Fire And Ice
HOSH, Lehar – O Fratello Mio
HOSH – Ristretto Love Story
HOSH – Standing Still Is Moving Backwards
HOSH, Pig&Dan – Atlantis Is Not A Fairy Tale
HOSH, Pig&Dan – Brotherhood Balearea
HOSH feat. SONO – One More Before We Go
HOSH feat. Karmon – Awakening Of The Birds
HOSH, Tim Engelhardt – Island Blues
HOSH, Musumeci – Rose Marines Saga
HOSH, Johannes Brecht – La Mer La Mer
HOSH – Natalias Lullaby