HOSH – Stories From Sa Talaia, Chapter IV

German DJ and producer HOSH continues to release the singles that made up his recent and excellent album, Stories From Sa Talaia. Now we are on to the final part four and again they come on his own new label, fryhide.

First up is One More Before We Go, a smooth deep house cut with tender vocals by no other then SONO. And the timing couldn’t be better as various high level DJ’s picked up his Remix of Keep Control again and its all the way up there again in the Charts. Besides that catchy vocal theme the tracks features great synth work which brings the drama and as the tune rolls. Various breakdowns help keep you engaged and emotional. Ristretto Love Story is getting more techno and forward although still slow burning. A sweeping tune with lots of moody synths and slick drums working you into a state of hypnosis before a futuristic emotional breakdown. The hi hats and snare add a bite that keeps things gritty and the sci-fi vibes are strong in this one. This is fresh.

Rose Marines Saga with Italians Musumeci also known as part of Human Machine then gets a little more tripped out, with liquid synths and poised bass notes bringing a more wide open and expansive feel to the table. It’s a nice change of pace to the other cuts here and will bring real tenderness to the club. Last of all, La Mer La Mer with Johannes Brecht is a frazzled and intense track with rumbling drums and smart hi hat lines that work you into a frenzy and then take you on a trip. It’s also fresh as based on a 3/4 beat.

This is the final chapter of the Stories From Sa Talaia Album Parts. HOSH sets the Benchmark high for his new label.