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HOSH is excited to announce a new concept for his fryhide label. Called INSTANT fryhide, it will see one special, much talked about track get an instant release with no promo, premiers or press announcements in advance. There will be no schedule for releases and it will see music put out as fast as possible whenever there is a track that suits the concept. The first one comes from ARTBAT aka Ukrainian pair Artur and Batish.

Says HOSH himself… “As you know fryhide comes from the German word ‘Freiheit’ meaning ‘freedom’. With INSTANT fryhide we go a step further and really want to have this freedom of releasing whenever we feel like. Away from the classic way of releasing with long schedules and special timeframes and having to wait for the right b-side etc, we believe a strong track doesn’t need that nowadays. As these tracks have already been tested on the road and social media probably did the rest… they are good to go immediately.”

This new INSTANT project is about one moment, one strong track, no remixes, no compromises and no nonsense. This first release is a strong one and marks the start of an exciting and innovative new way of releasing music.